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Ash Wednesday

5 Mar

New Chapel UMC of Jeffersonville, IN

Today is Ash Wednesday.  This is one of the most solemn days in the church calendar, not unlike Good Friday.  While Good Friday focuses on our redemption, Ash Wednesday reminds us that we are mortal.  As pastors mark us with a cross of ashes- the biblical symbol of mourning- we hear these words, “Remember, O mortal, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return,” (Genesis 3:19).  Ash Wednesday is meant to be a harsh confrontation with the knowledge that we will all die.  Each and every one of us will one day breathe our last breath.  Denying this is neither healthy, nor Christian.  Death is a reality of life; a reality which the Bible speaks to and prepares us for.

Though the message of the ashes can seem like a bitter pill to swallow (after all no one enjoys contemplating one’s own mortality), there is a purpose behind…

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