Seeing Jesus in Worship

5 Aug

Have you ever considered this: When we gather at worship, Jesus is there. I know we talk about God’s presence, and we acknowledge- intellectually at least- that Jesus is there, but I’m not sure that belief has traveled the 18 inches down to our hearts. Try this (please): close your eyes, and imagine that Jesus is standing smack dab in the middle of our sanctuary. We know He is there because Jesus is the one who called the meeting to begin with. Jesus graciously welcomes us into His divine presence. Sinful, prideful, uninterested people that we are, we are welcomed to draw near to God-made-flesh. And then we respond to his love with worship… but how? How would you talk to God, if the One who hears our prayers was visible before you? How would you sing, if the Creator of sound was listening intently to your song? How would you hear the Word read or proclaimed, if its author was there, offering it to you as a precious gift? How would you give, if the One to whom the whole world belongs was passing the plate? Would our worship be different if we could see Jesus? I suspect it would. So let us come to worship offering our whole selves, with the passion befitting the people of God, who are welcomed to the sanctuary of God, and who stand in the presence of Jesus. May God open the eyes of our hearts, so that we can see Him.

One Response to “Seeing Jesus in Worship”

  1. Linda Fox August 6, 2015 at 3:35 pm #

    Yes indeed! I definitely think our worship would look differently! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

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